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Feature/copy matrix

Kilian Weishaupt requested to merge feature/copyMatrix into next

Converts a Dune:MultitypeBlockMatrix to a plain BCRS matrix with block size 1x1.

Increases convenience. Nested MultitypeBlockMatrices can be handled as well by passing a std::tuple of std::tuples containing references to the individual sub-matrices (similar to how it is done with Dune:MultitypeBlockVector to construct the MultitypeBlockMatrix).

This even seems to increase performance a bit:

test_donea old test_donea new
0.372829 0.318897
0.358279 0.295304
0.434373 0.289843
0.3567 0.312524
0.38054525 0.304142


  • create something similar for Dune:MultitypeBlockVector
  • use in dumux/mixeddimension
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