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Feature/1p on new next

Gabi Seitz requested to merge feature/1p-on-new-next into cleanup/next
  • Remove the amg tests, as amg is now the default and amgbicgstab and ilu0bicgstab produce the same reference solution
  • test_box1p
  • test_box2pnetwork2d3d
  • test_box1pniconvection
  • test_box1pniconduction
  • test_box1ptubes1d3d
  • test_boxpointsources
  • test_cc1p
  • test_cc2pnetwork2d3d
  • test_cc1pniconvection
  • test_cc1pniconduction
  • test_cc1ptubes1d3d
  • test_ccpointsources
  • test_cc1pwithgstat
  • test_incompressible box/cc
  • test_compressible box/cc
  • test_compressible_stationary box/cc

Some mpfa test still don't compile -> fix on separate branch since this is an issue of the mpfa implementation

Edited by Timo Koch

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