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[pm][ff] Improve indices, move into model traits, [pm] free volume variables from type tag

Dennis Gläser requested to merge feature/free-volvars-from-typetag into master
  • Moves indices into modeltraits

  • Removes TypeTag dependency from privarswitches

  • Removes TypeTag dependency from pm volvars

  • Cleans up vtk output fields

  • Introduces variable wettability for 2-phase models

  • Generalize fluid system indices not to fix wetting and non-wetting phase

  • NavierStokesIndices

  • export Indices type and numPhases() & numComponents() in vol var base class

  • use numPhases() and numComponents() from vol vars in vtk output fields so that the loops are correct

  • -> this should leave output fields without template parameters.. verify!

  • implement static_asserts in volume variables to make sure that the specifications of the model traits are in agreement with whatever model the vol vars are implementing

See #448 (closed).

Edited by Dennis Gläser

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