• DuMuX 2.12 is expected to run based on Dune 2.4.1, 2.5, 2.6 and the Dune master. We will try to keep the compatibility with the Dune master as long as it is technically feasible and our resources allow it. If you want to use Dumux multidomain models, you have to stick with the Dune 2.4 core and specific versions of other modules, see test/multidomain/README for details. Also the geomechanics models require Dune 2.4 and PDELab 2.0.

    • DuMuX 2.12 requires at least GCC 4.9 or Clang 3.5 in their C++-14 mode.

    • For employing corner-point grids by means of opm-grid (former dune-cornerpoint), the OPM releases 2017.04 or 2017.10 have to be used.


    • Four new tutorial exercises have been added in the folder tutorial. They can be built by executing make build_tutorials in the build folder. Each exercise comes with detailed instructions:

      1. Exercise 1
      2. Exercise 2
      3. Exercise 3
      4. Exercise 4
    • Fixed bug in heatCapacity() of component air and replace the use of a constant value in gasEnthalpy() by calling heatCapacity().

    • The GnuplotInterface now supports in-simulation generation of image files (*.png).

    • A paraview python script for exporting 2d pictures from *.vtu files has been added.

    • A class for estimating turbulence properties has been added with turbulenceproperties.hh.

  • IMMEDIATE INTERFACE CHANGES not allowing/requiring a deprecation period:

    • gnuplotinterface.hh: The add...ToPlot() functions have changed signature, the curve name/title is not mandatory anymore and can be specified together with the curve options.
  • DELETED classes/files, property names, constants/enums, member functions, which have been deprecated in DuMuX 2.11:

    • Everything listed as deprecated below has been removed.