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* The following set-up should be realized:
__Boundary conditions:__ Dirichlet conditions at the left boundary. For the primary variable 'temperature' use a varying temperature of $`\displaystyle T(y) = 283~\text{K} + 0.03~\frac{\text{K}}{\text{m}} \cdot \left( d_\text{aquifer} - y \right) `$, with the aquifer depth $`\displaystyle d_\text{aquifer}=2700~\text{m}`$. Neumann no-flow for the energy balance in the rest of the boundaries.
__Initial conditions:__ The same temperature gradient as in the boundary conditions with an exception in the subdomain (20 < x < 30, 5 < y < 35), where you assign a constant initial temperature of 380 K.
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