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[handbook] Introduce to 3.0 and add link to wiki

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......@@ -74,3 +74,17 @@ spatial and temporal discretization schemes as well as nonlinear solvers,
to general concepts for model coupling.
Moreover, \Dumux includes ready to use numerical models and a few example applications.
This is the handbook to a new major version update of \Dumux: version 3.0.
The release contains considerable improvements and many new features compared to the 2.x versions.
Due to the major update, backwards compatibility with the last release 2.12 cannot be assured.
To facilitate the transition for our users, we have created a
git wiki entry describing how to update programs from version 2.12 to version 3.0.
It is available online:
The guide leads in detail through the interface changes from 2.12 to 3.0,
concerning the \texttt{Problem} class, the \texttt{SpatialParams} class,
the \texttt{Parameters} and \texttt{Properties}, i.e. the main user interface.
Starting with version 3.0.0, all minor
version updates will certainly be backward compatible again with at least the last minor version.
We highly recommend all our users to transition with us to \Dumux-3.0
and wish everyone a brand-new and exciting simulation experience.
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