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Merge branch 'feature/improve-handbook' into 'master'

Timo Koch requested to merge cherry-pick-b0ce2d5a into releases/3.0

[handbook] Update for 3.0

Closes #484 (closed)

See merge request !1338 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit b0ce2d5a)

9a28187b [handbook] rename domain G to Omega 30ead698 time discretization f19d0dc0 [handbook] Add link to DUNE cheatsheet. a81c7e71 [handbook] Update structure and folder setup 46a6e2e6 [handbook] Update parameter section f8021fa7 [handbook] Move passage about guidelines and delete .tex file aeacd3d6 Mention where 'actual equations' can be found. a65a0bb4 [handbook] Modify section on staggered grid discretization. 602eb230 [Handbook] replace tutorial section with dumux course reference e818ce99 [handbook] updated 'getting started' chapter, split in 'quick start' and… ed726526 [handbook] Update external modules list 6ea7a2d7 [handbook] Update dune-subgrid description in 2_detailedinstall.tex a4ff23e9 [handbook] Update dune-sub and spgrid in 2_detailedinstall.tex corrected error in last commit ae990d7c [handbook] Updated dune-subgrid description in 2_detailedinstall.tex 43e9ae6d [bugfix] Make handbook compile again 2ad6ee7d [handbook] update section on propertysystem to new syntax 4a4e3eaf [doc][handbook] Improve text on property system b5e780f3 [handbook] Add passage about TTag inheritance order 5cfd24af Add the first draft of parrallel section b16bd7ab Add the section input and outout b411ac0a Add the section parralel b0137f18 Finish the parallel and the input/output section. 747fa637 Add "Costumize the VTK output" cb612777 [Handbook][Grids] remove external grid section, replace with paragraph in grid format subsection 88eb807a [handbook] Revise stepsofasimulation. 93ef16b6 [handbook][course] cleanup course text to match correct tag reference 02f42fc7 [handbook][3_course] add release tag for dumux-course and cleanup 7677fb70 [handbook][3_course] cleanup 8d47510a [handbook] Update CMakeLists for new tex-files and images fc5fb34a [handbook][dalton] better image quality a8e771ec [handbook][4_newfoldersetup] cleanup 1dabc408 [handbook] remove all mentioning of tutorial 74cc4fa9 [handbook][cleanup] Replace \ by \par. 2887b292 [handbook] Introduce to 3.0 and add link to wiki 8f4d1922 [temporal discretization] 68b884db [temporal discretization] 8a77e5e4 [handbook][gnuplot] cleanup c0f0eec5 [handbook][io] cleanup gnuplot 9541a0b2 [handbook] Update box description eb9ea429 [handbook][disc] Correction of indices used for the box method aaf245dc [handbook][disc] Use mpfa stuff from Dennis 132fbb01 [handbook][disc] Add first draft of TPFA description 8ac05303 [handbook][disc] Add first draft of MPFA description 928687f8 [handbook][disc] Update tpfa description and general statements bb148e5b [handbook][disc] Cleanup mpfa 0b1efc32 [handbook][box] Replace V_j by |B_j| a900006d [handbook][disc] Use dx d\Gamma consistenly for integrals 11469e1c [handbook][box] Replace wrong scalar products in integrals 6808e8d1 [handbook][pics] Apply renaming of png folder ac702b5e Merge branch 'feature/improve-handbook-discretization' into 'feature/improve-handbook' 3ab21f73 [handbook] Correct some mistakes in input/output and parallel 3b2dd5a3 [handbook][io] cleanup a2db2fbc [handbook][parallel] cleanup 067ca3db [handbook][parallel] exceptions multidomain and freeflow 5cb67f60 [handbook] Update input output 824eb40b [handbook] Update parallel ffa020ef Merge branch 'feature/improve-handbook_inoutput-parallel' into 'feature/improve-handbook' 719b48e0 [handbook] Add small section on restart 12829a9b Update contributors

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