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\section{Restart \Dumux Simulations}
Restart is currently not available in the \DumuxVersion~release. We are working on it!
% You can restart the simulation
% from a specific point in time or extend the simulation beyond the originally
% end of simulation. What you need is a \texttt{*.drs} file (which contains the
% all necessary restart information.
% Then you can simply restart a simulation via
% \begin{lstlisting}[style=Bash]
% ./test_program -TimeManager.Restart RESTART_TIME
% \end{lstlisting}
% To test restart behavior, use the \texttt{test\_box1p2cni} problem
% in the \texttt{test/implicit/1p2c} folder.
% You get the \texttt{RESTART\_TIME} from the name of your \texttt{.drs} file.
% Restarting will only work when the exact time from an existing restart file is given.
% If you need more restart files, you can change the frequency
% by including the function into your problem:
% \begin{lstlisting}[style=DumuxCode]
% // Writes a restart file every 5th time step
% bool shouldWriteRestartFile() const
% {
% return (this->timeManager().timeStepIndex() % 5 == 0);
% }
% \end{lstlisting}
\Dumux has some experimental support for check-pointing (restarting paused/stopped/crashed simulations).
You can restart a \Dumux simulation from any time point where a VTK file was written out.
This is currently only supported for sequential, non-adaptive simulations. For adaptive simulation
the full hierarchical grid has to be stored. This is usually done with the grid's \texttt{BackupRestoreFacility}.
There is currently no special support by \Dumux for that, but it is possible to implement
a restart using \texttt{BackupRestoreFacility} with plain Dune.
For VTK files the output can be read with the free function \texttt{loadSolution}. Grids can be read with
the \texttt{Dumux::VTKReader} or you can simply recreate the grid as you did in the first simulation run.
Unfortunately, writing double-precision floating point numbers to VTK files is only available with Dune master (will be in 2.7).
That's why we currently only support single precision restart, meaning some information will be lost if you are computing
in double precision.
The restart capabilities will hopefully be improved in future versions of \Dumux 3.
We are happy about any contributions (especially HDF5 / XDMF support, improvement of VTK support).
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