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[cleanup] Remove unused PengRobinsonMixture::computeMolarVolumes

It also wouldn't translate because PengRobinson::computeMolarVolumes
does not exist.
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......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ for (const auto& element : elements(gridGeometry.gridView()))
### Immediate interface changes not allowing/requiring a deprecation period:
- __Virtual interface of GridDataTransfer__: The `GridDataTransfer` abstract base class now required the Grid type as a template argument. Furthermore, the `store` and `reconstruct` interface functions do now expect the grid as a function argument. This allows to correctly update grid geometries and corresponding mapper (see "Construction and update of GridGeometries changed" above in the changelog)
- `PengRobinsonMixture::computeMolarVolumes` has been removed without deprecation. It was used nowhere and did not translate.
### Deprecated properties/classes/functions/files, to be removed after 3.5:
......@@ -50,23 +50,6 @@ class PengRobinsonMixture
static const Scalar w;
* \brief Computes molar volumes \f$\mathrm{[m^3 / mol]}\f$ where the Peng-Robinson EOS is
* true.
* \param Vm Molar Volume \f$\mathrm{[m^3 / mol]}\f$
* \param fs Thermodynamic state of the fluids
* \param params Parameters
* \param phaseIdx The phase index
* \return Number of solutions.
template <class MutableParams, class FluidState>
static int computeMolarVolumes(Scalar *Vm,
const MutableParams &params,
int phaseIdx,
const FluidState &fs)
return PengRobinson::computeMolarVolumes(Vm, params, phaseIdx, fs);
* \brief Returns the fugacity coefficient \f$\mathrm{[-]}\f$ of an individual
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