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[bin][doc] remove obsolete

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# check if help is needed
if test "$1" = "--help" || test "$1" = "-help" \
|| test "$1" = "help" || test "$1" = ""; then
echo ""
echo "USAGE: $0 FILENAME_1 [FILENAME_2 ...]"
echo ""
echo "The arguments should be names of Markdown and/or C++ files."
echo "The script loops through all arguments. If a Markdown file is encountered,"
echo "its content is forwarded to stdout. For another file, a Markdown header"
echo "stating the filename is printed and the script is applied."
echo "To be used for creating README.mds in the example folder. For example, by"
echo "bash $0 spatialparams.hh problem.hh >"
exit 0
for filename in "$@"
if [[ ${filename: -3} == ".md" ]]; then
cat $filename
echo ""
echo ""
echo "## The file \`$filename\`"
echo ""
bash $filename
echo ""
Supports Markdown
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