Commit aca9cfd5 authored by Bernd Flemisch's avatar Bernd Flemisch
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[velocityoutput] fix missing cast to NumEqVector

parent 7d4d488f
......@@ -305,7 +305,8 @@ public:
// check if we have Neumann no flow, we can just use 0
const auto neumannFlux = problem_.neumann(element, fvGeometry, elemVolVars, scvf);
if (Dune::FloatCmp::eq<std::decay_t<decltype(neumannFlux)>, Dune::FloatCmp::CmpStyle::absolute>(neumannFlux, 0.0, 1e-30))
using NumEqVector = std::decay_t<decltype(neumannFlux)>;
if (Dune::FloatCmp::eq<NumEqVector>, Dune::FloatCmp::CmpStyle::absolute>(neumannFlux, NumEqVector(0.0), 1e-30))
scvfFluxes[scvfIndexInInside[localScvfIdx]] = 0;
// cubes
else if (dim == 1 || geomType.isCube())
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