Commit f57bf951 authored by Natalie Schroeder's avatar Natalie Schroeder
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Log: [dim vs dimWorld]

changing dim-matrices to dimWorld-matrices, needed for dim!=dimWorld grids (dispersive fluxes)

reviewed by A.Kissinger

git-svn-id: svn:// 2fb0f335-1f38-0410-981e-8018bf24f1b0
parent c212e765
......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ class OnePTwoCFluxVariables
typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, Scalar) Scalar;
typedef Dune::FieldVector<Scalar, dim> DimVector;
typedef Dune::FieldMatrix<Scalar, dim, dim> DimMatrix;
typedef Dune::FieldMatrix<Scalar, dimWorld, dimWorld> DimWorldMatrix;
typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, FVElementGeometry) FVElementGeometry;
typedef typename FVElementGeometry::SubControlVolumeFace SCVFace;
......@@ -149,13 +150,13 @@ public:
* \brief Return the intrinsic permeability tensor \f$\mathrm{[m^2]}\f$.
const DimMatrix &intrinsicPermeability() const
const DimWorldMatrix &intrinsicPermeability() const
{ return K_; }
* \brief Return the dispersion tensor \f$\mathrm{[m^2/s]}\f$.
const DimMatrix &dispersionTensor() const
const DimWorldMatrix &dispersionTensor() const
{ return dispersionTensor_; }
......@@ -521,10 +522,10 @@ protected:
Scalar porousDiffCoeff_;
//! the dispersion tensor in the porous medium
DimMatrix dispersionTensor_;
DimWorldMatrix dispersionTensor_;
//! the intrinsic permeability tensor
DimMatrix K_;
DimWorldMatrix K_;
// intrinsic permeability times pressure potential gradient
GlobalPosition Kmvp_;
// projected on the face normal
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