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Timo Koch requested to merge feature/darcydarcy into feature/multidomain-on-3.0

@kweis @DennisGlaeser can you have a look? Some things are not that nice (yet) or TODOs:

  • Grid creator doesn't work for same grid + same discretization because of the singleton (I temporarily added a tag) (#431 (closed))
  • Doesn't work yet without caching or sol-dependent perms -> it does
  • Coupling should be per scvf not element to differentiate between different boundaries of one element
  • How to do Dirichlet boundaries -> doesn't make sense for tpfa

This should in theory also be able to couple e.g. 1p and 2p.

  • Show in a 1p_2p test

What was nice: the coupling manager (although not very efficient) is very small until now.

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