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Feature/generalize fvgridgeometry

Simon Emmert requested to merge feature/generalize-fvgridgeometry into master

What this MR does / why does DuMux need it:

So far this renames FVGridGeometry to GridGeometry for box, tpfa, mpfa and staggered.

** Things left to do:**

  • deprecate FVGridGeometry property correctly
  • open new MR with renaming and deprecation of all places where a public FVGridGeometry is used --> see !1700 (merged)
  • discuss if a warning needs to be thrown and where (e.g. similar to the property-system warning
  • merge !1700 (merged) after testing this branch thoroughly (this branch is how it will look like to a user, before taking care of the deprecation warnings)

Special notes for your reviewer:

This now only changes and deprecates the aliases for the fvelementgeometry.hh files, the renaming and deprecation of all other instances (in the tests etc) will be done in a new MR.

Fixes #719 (closed)

Edited by Bernd Flemisch

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