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Feature/istl solver factory

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/istl-solver-factory into master

Add Istl solver factory backend originally implemented by @msblatt


  • Rebase if !1850 (merged) is merged and adapt structure to new parallel solver internal structure
  • Fix template parameter -> only: <LinearSolverTraits>. Depends on fix for #805 (closed) (see !1850 (merged))
  • Deprecate old preconditioner params (without subgroup)? -> to be fixed for #825 (closed)
  • Add unit test for the linear solver -> base on dune-istl test as suggested in !1850 (merged)

Notes to the reviewer Test with dune master (uses solver factory) and dune 2.7 (uses amg). Only need to test test_richards_lens_*, test_shallowwater_dambreak and test_linearsolver

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