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Merge branch 'feature/refactor-install-script-generation-edit' into 'master'

Timo Koch requested to merge cherry-pick-559fcc21 into releases/3.4


Closes #1037 (closed) and #1021 (closed)

See merge request !2709 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 559fcc21)

7ea7a7c1 [bin][util][common] Make util a package and write basic functions into ceaa8d30 [bin][util][moduleinfo] Rename script of dune-module information 7b653245 [bin][util]->[bin] Reconstrcut folder (move scripts to bin) and adapt imports 8d8ec200 [bin][util][writer] Add script to write install scirpt in different languages 3c4dd414 [bin][util][installscript] Add script to write helper function to make install script 7fe619e6 [bin] Rename, move and improve make_installscript, which is used to make an install script 993abbcc [bin][extractModule] Delete shell and provide new extract module script

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