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Feature/base spatialparams v2

Dennis Gläser requested to merge feature/base-spatialparams-v2 into master

An alternative approach to !2839 (closed).


  • add new versions for geomechanics params
  • add new version for nonequilibrium params
  • port the tests, which requires moving temperature and extrusionFactor into the spatial params (dumux day task?)

TODOS for follow-up merge requests (!!!Before merging this we should open respective issues!!!):

  • use spatial params in free flow models (-> Fixes #1111 (closed))
  • move porenetwork spatial params in pore-network folder? (-> Fixes #1112 (closed))
  • move fluid property interfaces from geomechanics problem into geomech spatial params and deprecate problem (-> Fixes #1113 (closed))

Test folder ports:

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