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Feature/improve ff boundary

Kilian Weishaupt requested to merge feature/improve-ff-boundary into master

fixes #487 (closed)

  • move staggered gridVolVars to free flow sub folder
  • adapt indices in tests, if necessary

Some reference solutions had to be updated because there was a bug / logical error:

For inlet (e.g., in tests featuring a channel), a Dirichlet BC for velocity was set, combined with an outflow BC for pressure, which basically set the pressure of the virtual outer volVars to the one of inner volVars:

p_out = p_in

This is per se not bad and acutally the desired behavior.

However, in the fluxVars, the advective fluxes themselves checked for an outflow BC for each eqIdx and then always used the inner volVars if outflow for conti0EqIdx (== pressureIdx) was set. This means that for eqIdx == conti0EqIdx, an inflowing fluid would use p_in (which is good) but also T_in, x_in ect. which is actually wrong because user-specified Dirchlet values should be used for that instead.

The new implementation accounts for this.

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