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# DuMu<sup>x</sup> course exercises # DuMu<sup>x</sup> course exercises
Click on the exercise to go the description The DuMu<sup>x</sup> course comprises the following exercises. Each exercise folder contains a detailed description of the tasks
(best viewed online by following the links) and the source files to work on.
* [Exercise on the basics](./exercise-basic/
* [Exercise on the main file](./exercise-mainfile/ ### [:open_file_folder: Basics](./exercise-basic/
* [Exercise on runtime parameters](./exercise-runtimeparams/
* [Exercise on grids](./exercise-grids/ Based on a scenario where gas is injected into an aquifer, you learn how to
* [Exercise on properties](./exercise-properties/
* [Exercise on fluid systems](./exercise-fluidsystem/ * compile and run an executable,
* [Exercise on how to create a new Dune module](./exercise-dunemodule/ * see the difference of an immiscible two-phase model compared to a two-phase two-component model,
* [Exercise on coupling free and porous medium flow (SFB PA A)](./exercise-coupling-ff-pm/ * set up a new executable,
* [Exercise on discrete fracture modelling (SFB PA B)](./exercise-fractures/ * set up a non-isothermal test problem based on the isothermal test problem,
* [Exercise on biomineralization (SFB PA C)](./exercise-biomineralization/ * set boundary conditions.
### [:open_file_folder: Main file](./exercise-mainfile/
In this exercise, you learn how to
* find your way in the main file,
* solve a stationary, linear system,
* solve an instationary, linear system,
* solve an instationary, nonlinear system,
* apply analytic differentiation.
### [:open_file_folder: Runtime parameters](./exercise-runtimeparams/
This exercise covers the following topics: You learn how to
* use different input files with one executable,
* set variables to collect runtime parameters,
* use and change default values for runtime parameters.
### [:open_file_folder: Grids](./exercise-grids/
This exercise guides you through the following tasks:
* Apply a global grid refinement,
* change the grid type,
* apply grid zoning and grading,
* read in structured and unstructured grids from external files.
### [:open_file_folder: Properties](./exercise-properties/
In this exercise, you learn how to adjust the properties in order to use a customized local residual.
### [:open_file_folder: Fluid systems](./exercise-fluidsystem/
This exercise covers the handling of phases and components in DuMu<sup>x</sup>. You learn
* how to implement and use a new, customized component,
* how to implement a new fluidsystem,
* and how to change the wettability of the porous medium.
### [:open_file_folder: Dune module](./exercise-dunemodule/
You learn how to
* create a new dune module which depends on the dumux module,
* create a new GitLab project.
### [:open_file_folder: Coupling free and porous medium flow](./exercise-coupling-ff-pm/
This exercise is related to the [SFB1313 Project Area A](
You learn how to
* use a coupled problem set-up,
* change coupling conditions between the two domains, porous-medium flow and free flow,
* change the shape of the interface between the two domains,
* change the model in the porous-medium domain,
* change the model in the free-flow domain.
### [:open_file_folder: Discrete fracture modeling](./exercise-fractures/
This exercise is related to the [SFB1313 Project Area B](
You learn how to
* use a problem containing embedded, discrete fractures,
* change the properties of the fractures,
* use domain markers to set internal boundary conditions.
### [:open_file_folder: Biomineralization](./exercise-biomineralization/
This exercise is related to the [SFB1313 Project Area C](
You learn how to
* include a chemical reaction in the problem setup,
* apply the mineralization model, i.e. add balance equations to describe dynamic solid phases.
* compare different simulation results using a programmable filter in Paraview
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