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Merge branch 'cleanup/3.7' into 'master'

Hamza Oukili requested to merge cherry-pick-b4c16461 into releases/3.7

[exercises] Updates/cleanup for 3.7

See merge request !143 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit b4c16461)

9ae93f05 [exercises] upgrade license 922b3dc7 [cleanup] Update exercise basic ede82630 [cleanup] Use constexpr in instead of enum 12856e89 [cleanup] Remove clutter 0da6c871 [cleanup] Fix spelling mistakes with codespell b162c1af [cleanup] Use more static constexpr int instead of enum 4ee41735 [cleanup] Remove ctime and dumux message 0a08f5e3 [cleanup] Use new solvers, no setPreviousSolution, initialize c2ad627a [cleanup] Replace enums with static constexpr 608e50a5 Update some code snippets in readme

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