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WIP: Coupling concepts 1d3d

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/integration-rebase into master

This has to be split up in separate MRs.

  • intersecting entities cartesian grid -> !2176 (merged)
  • Block-diagonal ILU0 GMres solver -> !2177 (merged)
  • Optimized circle points -> !2178 (merged)
  • Cylinder integration -> !2180 (merged) (contains some interface changes wrt this branch)
  • Several smaller cleanups and improvements in the 1d3d coupling manager !2184 (merged) (use GridIndex, optimise point source data performance by not using maps, optimise integration point source by only storing a single element index, add possibility to distribute integration point source with box trial functions, rename fvGridGeometry -> gridGeometry)
  • polyline debug output helper !2191 (merged)
  • Geometry distance helpers !2192 (merged)
  • Implement internal Dirichlet constraints !2202 (merged)
  • Add changes in coupling manager in some way
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