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WIP: New Staggered Rans (TwoEq)

Ned Coltman requested to merge feature/rans_new into master

fixes #807

fixes #538

fixes #951 (closed)

closes !1248 (closed) (becomes obsolete)

Todos (Updated):

  • For the SST Model, update the Finner, Fouter interface and remove from volvars.
  • Introduce more meaningful boundary conditions, including tke and dissipation constraints
  • Update spatial params to fit to !2888 (merged) with !2984 (merged)
  • Make runtime call an enum
  • Figure out any circular dependencies between the two problems
  • Include the second term of the linear eddy viscosity reynolds stress: cfdOnline
\tau_t = 2 \mu_t S - 2/3 \rho k \delta_{ij}

Next MRs:

  • Introduce the Kepsilon model(s) again
  • Introduce the Compositional models (Separate MR)
  • Introduce the Zeroeq and oneeq models (Separate MR)
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